Property Management offers a complete management service for your property in Luxembourg

1. Installing a new tenant
  • Advertising the property on the Internet
  • Local, national and international advertising
  • Rigourous selection criteria
  • Drawing up all leases
  • Inventory of fixtures
  • Maintaining regular contact with the tenant
  • Overseeing work and repairs in accordance with estimates
  • Maintaining contact with an independant insurance broker, ensuring adequate insurance cover as required, see
  • Coordinating repairs etc in case of damage (fire, water damage)
  • Advice regarding the tax system
2 Management and collection of rent.
  • Rent processing, service charge management.
  • Rent reminders ? normal letter after day 10, registered letter after day 25.
  • In case of non payment after 10 days ? payment demand.
  • Managemnet of dispute procedures.
  • Relation with the insurance agent re. minimum charge for loss of rent (La Perte de Loyers)
  • Breakdown of service charges with managing agent.
  • Rent re-evaluation and advice.
  • Assessment of Multirisque Habitation insurance, see
  • Renewal of leases.
  • Management of Notices: reclaiming property to live in or giving notice in order to sell.
  • Ensuring conformity with compulsory regulations.
3.Regulation of rents.
  • Transfer of the tenant?s guarantee deposit.
  • Monthly management report.
  • Secure monthly bank transfer.
  • Copy of all documentation regarding expenditure.
4.Departure of the tenant.
  • Landlord is kept informed of all formal notices to/from the tenant.
  • Inventory of fixtures (inspection) on the departure of the tenant.
  • Settlement of the tenant?s account.
  • Our management fees deducted automatically from your rental revenue.
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